Reykjavik Turned out the Lights for an Unprecedented View of the Northern Lights

The Icelandic capital city of Reykjavik turned out all of its lights for an opportunity to get an even more spectacular view of the Aurora Borealis on Wednesday night. The city council ordered that the street lights in most neighborhoods be turned out and encouraged residents to turn off the lights in their houses for […]

9 Spas Where You Can Try Forest Bathing

The practice of Shinrin-yoku, a term coined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in the 1980s, translates to “forest bathing”. With this treatment, the idea is to slow down and immerse yourself in nature in a mindful way to promote physical and mental health—initial studies show it can help lower stress and improve […]


German lender’s €37bn credibility gap

Deutsche Bank has a €37bn credibility gap. That’s the difference between the value of the bank’s tangible assets, and its €16bn market capitalisation. Most analysts and investors blame the bank’s chronically low earnings, and fears that it could face a huge fine from the US Department of Justice over mortgage misselling. But there is another […]

Wells Fargo chief faces mounting pressure

Pressure will remain on John Stumpf of Wells Fargo, even after the chairman and chief executive agreed to forfeit more than $ 40m in pay over a deepening sham-account scandal that has triggered lawsuits, investigations and a record regulatory penalty. Late on Tuesday the board of the San Francisco-based bank said that Mr Stumpf had […]


Nvidia’s driverless car learns from observing humans

This might sound like a really terrible idea, but let’s give Nvidia the benefit of the doubt for now. They’re letting their AI-driven car learn solely by watching humans drive. Nvidia calls their prototype vehicle BB8, and while that name might be more befitting, say, a Volkswagen Beetle, it’s actually a Lincoln MKZ. Apparently even […]

BIO-key brings Hello logins to any Windows 10 PC

Everybody’s looking for ways to kill your passwords these days. If you’re running Windows 10, Hello is a nice option… provided you’ve got the right hardware. There still aren’t many computers shipping with Hello-compatible webcams (like Intel’s RealSense) to allow facial recognition. Fortunately, Windows Hello works with other biometric devices, and BIO-key makes adding one […]


Civilization 6 Game – First Look

Civilization VI launches on 21 October for PC. Civ VI is right around the corner, and ahead of launch I got the chance to play an extensive preview build of the game to get a deeper look at all the new bits Firaxis has added. The build contained 10 of the 20 final civilisations and […]

WWE 2K17 Game – First Look

For the past couple of years, I’ve become hooked on WWE. After falling away from the world of sports entertainment post-Attitude Era, I’ve rediscovered the joy of watching men and women throw each other into and off things in death-defying feats. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to translate that enthusiasm into the video games. While […]


'Major concern' about Watkins' foot, Rex says

1:02 PM ET The Buffalo Bills have ruled out wide receiver Sammy Watkins for Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots. Asked Friday whether the team fears Watkins’ left foot soreness — stemming from an offseason surgery to repair a broken bone — could be long term, coach Rex Ryan said, “I don’t know if […]

Garrett: Dez feared worse, didn't handle it right

12:36 PM ET Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant avoided having an MRI initially because he was fearful the results would reveal bad news about his right leg injury, coach Jason Garrett said Thursday. Garrett confirmed Thursday that Bryant missed an MRI, a treatment session and a team meeting. Bryant didn’t undergo the MRI until Wednesday. […]

Weight Loss & News

The Warrior Diet Review: Does it Work?

What is it? The Warrior Diet is a weight loss diet that emphasizes fasting during the day and eating just one meal during one’s off hours. It’s intended to mimic the way our ancestors ate to help provide maximum health benefits. All the information about this diet is available in the official book. The major […]

Gluten Free Diet Review: Does it Work?

 What is it?  The Gluten Free Diet is a way of eating often practiced by people with an allergy to gluten or those looking to lose weight. People sensitive to gluten will often have inflammation and issues in the small intestine when they eat certain foods. The basics of the diet are to ban certain […]