Exynos based Galaxy S4 has been rooted, Snapdragon still waiting

| April 2, 2013
Android By Apr. 2, 2013 9:30 am

Galaxy S4 launch event

There was some concern initially after the Galaxy S4 reveal that the enduring Android modder community would have difficulty developing for the Galaxy S4 as a single device. Those concerns have now been realized as only one variant of the phone receives root access ahead of the official launch.

Like the previous version of Samsung’s flagship phone, in order to reach as many carriers on such a wide variety of networks, Samsung compromised a bit on the hardware inside the Galaxy S4. Depending on what network you are on, and in what part of the world you are in, your version of this phone will have one of two very different processors onboard. The first is Samsung’s own Exynos Octa processor, which is made to choose between a pair of quad core architectures depending on what the task at hand is.

The other is the much more common Snapdragon 600 processor, which is the next generation quad core processor build that has all but dominated the mobile landscape in the last year. These chipsets include very different code to drive them, and so there will essentially be two different versions of the Galaxy S4 software to go with these hardware variants. As of right now, only one of them has been modified to allow instructions sent from the SuperUser.

If your carrier is going to be packing the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S4, root access has been achieved for your phone. The leaked build from last week gave some of the clever people over at XDA all they needed to start putting together flashable builds that no one can really test yet because the phone isn’t out. As long as everyone is “pretty sure” this will work, someone will test it once the phone is available. Since the Snapdragon build of the phone wasn’t leaked, it will just take a little while longer for the same result.

That, essentially, is the only difference between the two phones when it comes to modding. Whichever variant the button pushers have access to is the one that will see the most support. Given the popularity of the phone already, it seems likely that both models will get a significant amount of support from the Android community. The Snapdragon processors have seen quite a bit of development in the last year, and there’s no reason to assume it will stop anytime soon.

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