Geek deals: $200 off Dell XPS 15 Core i5laptop, $59 Android tablet, more

| April 5, 2013
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Dell XPS 15 L521x

If I had to pick a company to thank for their contributions to the computer industry and moving technology forward, near the top of that list would be Apple. While the slim silver aluminum design isn’t necessarily my idea of chic, one has to admit that Apple’s dominance of consumer lust has spurred the rest of the industry to compete.

Over the past couple years, we have seen an emphasis on display quality, largely thanks to Apple. Consumers were slow to crave deep, rich colors and high resolutions, until Apple helped bring the focus to the mainstream. Now we are all benefiting with more high resolution, high quality displays across the marketplace than we have ever seen before.

Dell’s XPS 15 laptop is the poster child for these changes. While just missing the mark to be classified as an ultrabook, this machine has all those traits. Despite being built around a 15.6-inch screen and sporting a slot-loading optical drive, Dell managed to keep the size down to just 0.91-inches thin and 5.79 lbs, all the while keeping a full-power 3rd gen Core i5 or better processor under the hood.

The gorgeous screen serves up Full HD 1080p resolution, a very nice combination of size and pixels, and there are no shortage of connectivity options either. With three USB 3.0 ports, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet, media card reader, Wireless-N, Bluetooth, and more at your fingertips, the XPS 15 really doesn’t give up anything with its slim chassis. You even get NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M 1GB switchable graphics and a 32GB mSATA, all as standard features.

As usual, Dell includes on-site service with the one year warranty, at no extra cost. Being a premium machine, with its silicon base and Gorilla Glass, we don’t see many coupons on this top end machine. For a limited time you can use a $ 200 coupon to save a bunch of benjamins on this ultra-slim powerhouse.

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