Mozilla and Samsung teaming up on next-gen browsing engine ‘Servo’

| April 3, 2013
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Mozilla and Samsung team up on Servo

Mozilla has announced this morning that it has joined forces with Samsung to build a next-gen browsing engine. It’s being called Servo, and it’s being built from scratch using Mozilla’s open source, multi-core friendly Rust programming language.

Servo is an attempt to bring browsing engine technology in line with today’s ultra-powerful desktop and mobile processors. The foundation will continue tweaking and updating Gecko in the meantime, but with Samsung’s help the move to Servo will take place that much more quickly.

Security is also a core concern, and that’s being addressed both within the Rust language and the Servo code. Mozilla and Samsung are looking at the root causes of browser vulnerabilities to ensure that Servo is as bullet-proof as possible. It’s not as if Mozilla doesn’t respond quickly to zero-day exploits quickly already — it most certainly does. But building an engine that’s more secure from the get-go will free up valuable developer resources down  the road.

Samsung’s involvement raises some interesting questions. It’s already known that Google feels a bit uneasy about the way the Galaxy brand now overshadows Android itself in terms of consumer perception. Roll in Samsung’s ongoing efforts with the Tizen project and its burgeoning in-house media ecosystem, and it’s not hard to imagine execs at Google gritting their teeth over this latest news.

If Samsung believes in what Mozilla is doing enough to assist with the development of Servo and Rust, it’s not a stretch think that future Galaxy phones and tablets could ship with this next-gen Firefox instead of Chrome.

Google wouldn’t be too please to hear that Chrome won’t ship on tens of millions of hot, new Android devices. But hey, Samsung wants its customers to enjoy the best software experience possible. If that means using Firefox on its devices, so be it.

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