Nokia Catwalk pictures leak before it hits the runway

| April 18, 2013
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Catwalk 3

The Nokia Catwalk is coming, and perhaps sooner than you think. Pictures of the company’s sexy aluminum Lumia phone recently surfaced on the popular Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo.

There aren’t a lot of details to be gleaned from the pair of pixelated images. The Catwalk features a design language that’s very similar to previous Lumia models, but the aluminum shell gives it a much more industrial edge. It doesn’t evoke the same warm/fuzzy/cute feelings that the cheerfully-colored polycarbonate Lumias do, but there’s always the chance that Nokia will offer up some snazzy anodized tints for those who want their Catwalk to pop.

A couple other minor differences are noticeable. The rear-facing camera and LED flash aren’t surrounded by the “landing strip” that has adorned other Lumias, and there is a slight flare around the shooter. It’s not an 808-sized hump, but it’s there. Is it possible that Nokia plans to make the Catwalk its first Windows Phone with a Pure View camera?

The other big change is that the Catwalk’s port openings have been lined up next to each other. They’re set on opposite sides of the center line on the top edge of the phone, just above the Nokia logo and speaker on the front. It’s a slightly more elegant arrangement than previous models, and it keeps the other edges of that aluminum chassis looking crisp and clean.

What’s going on with Nokia, you ask? First come rumblings of a high-end, aluminum-clad Lumia and then news that the company is working on a phablet to take on the Galaxy Note. That sounds more like a company getting its swagger back than one that’s struggling with an underappreciated mobile OS.

Well, Nokia’s Q1 2013 results are in and it turns out the company is shifting a lot of Lumias — not Galaxy S3 numbers by any stretch, but still nearly six million units worldwide. Nokia is also gaining strength in China, particularly with its higher-end devices, so having a couple more to offer in the world’s biggest mobile market should help further boost sales.

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