Pixelated Yule log was built for infinite looping

| December 25, 2013
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yule log - pixels

The Yule Log is a tradition for millions of people the world over. For the uninformed (and you lucky fireplace owners), it’s a pretty simple concept: you put the video on the TV, turn the sound up, and just left it sit in the background to offer gentle crackles and pops to remind you of that fireplace you don’t have. It really puts everyone in the [insert December holiday of your choosing] spirit.

Even without the heat offered up by the combustion of actual logs (the little released by your television or computer monitor won’t help), the Yule log video will help set the mood. The only problem? That “real” flame from the original Yule log video looks gets old after awhile, and I am sure many geeks out there would prefer a digital fireplace anyway.

Motion designer Nigel Upchurch has a gift for everyone: his video takes the classic fireplace video and tweaks it to create a unique play on the experience. Everything in the video is constructed of 3D blocks, all rendered in HD and working together to look like a roaring fire until you look a little closer. The glowing red coals beneath beneath the logs, the pulsing embers surrounding the logs themselves, and the flames that wrap around the logs and dance across the screen are all made of individual blocks.

The video is available for download (as an .mp4) through Vimeo.

To completely this block filled experience is a slight variation on what you would expect to hear next to a warm fire. Alongside the sounds of dancing flames and crackling logs is the occasional sound of wooden blocks being smacked together. The sound of the blocks smacking together after a few minutes is not nearly as comforting as the cracking fire, but ads to the general theme of the video nicely.

The video is only two minutes long, but Nigel assures that you can download the video and play it on whatever you like as an infinite loop and enjoy the experience all day. For the best experience, try something like VLC.

yule log - pixels


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