The 4DX version of Iron Man 3 has tilting seats, fog, wind and odor effects

| April 18, 2013
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If you are planning to take a trip to Japan this year it might be worth considering going to see Iron Man 3 while you are there. The reason being, a theater in Nagoya will be showing the movie not in 3D, but in 4DX. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the 4th dimension is coming to movie theaters.

Iron Man 3 will be the first movie to be shown in 4DX in Japan, but what does that actually mean to the viewer? In the case on IM3, you’ll be sat in a tilting chair, be subjected to wind and fog, and as the action changes on screen the theater will be filled with different aromatic vapours (from over 1,000 available scents) to fit the scene. Hopefully that doesn’t include the inside of the Iron Man suit after an intense battle.

4DX enhancements work with both 2D and 3D versions of the movie, which viewers will pay a $ 10 or $ 13 premium respectively to watch. The Nagoya theater embracing 4DX is owned by Korona World and intends to show 12 movies a year in the format. Additional effects that can be used during a movie include strobe lighting, face water, vibration, and bubbles that are dropped on the audience. I’d really like to know how bubbles enhance a viewing experience.

4DX is far from a new idea. The first movie to be shown using it was Avatar back in 2009, and theaters already use it in several countries including China, Russia, Mexico, South Korea, and Thailand. Adding the required effects isn’t done by the movie studios, rather CJ Group, the company behind 4DX adds them with consent on a per movie basis.

If such an experience interests you then you’ll be happy to hear 4DX is heading to the US before 2013 is over. It’s sure to be limited to the big action movies and select theaters, but for an extra $ 10 on the ticket price I think I’d give it a chance.

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